Dallas County Attorney Writ Bonds: Immediate Jail Release

First off, I like to think that these articles are helpful and informative, but I also understand that situations involving the arrest of a friend or relative don’t always lend themselves to reading internet articles. If you have been told that you need an attorney writ bond, please call 24-hours a day (214) 403-6522

For most, interacting with law enforcement and the criminal justice system is uncharted territory. We are used to friendly customer service and a relatively sophisticated presentation of important information. When you have found yourself responsible for bonding a friend or relative out of jail, you are probably enduring a rude awakening (both figuratively and literally). At the point you have come upon this article, there are no doubt countless questions still unanswered, but surely the most important is “how do I get my friend or relative out of jail NOW!” Depending on the situation, the answer could be an attorney writ bond.

What is an Attorney Writ Bond in Dallas County?

Every person is entitled to a reasonable bond in his or her case. Under the normal process, a magistrate judge who considers the alleged offense and an individual’s circumstances sets a bond. An individual may not be released pending trial until a bond has been set and posted in cash or surety. Unfortunately, not every city in Dallas County employs a 24-hour magistrate judge to set bonds and some cities have no magistrate judge at all. The result can be people sitting in jail for several days awaiting a magistrate or worse: being transferred to the Dallas County Jail.

Fortunately, the city and county jails have little desire to hold people charged with misdemeanor offenses. Their solution to this problem is to allow attorneys to file a writ of habeas corpus, or what is commonly referred to as a Dallas County attorney writ bond. A Dallas County writ bond is a legal pleading which demands the setting of a bond IMMEDIATELY and without a magistrate judge. The filing of an attorney writ bond will prevent another night in jail and preempt the transfer of an inmate to the Dallas County Jail.

What Cities Allow Attorney Writ Bonds in Dallas County?

Balch Springs
Farmers Branch
Highland Park
University Park

What Kinds of Cases Are Eligible for Attorney Writ Bonds in Dallas County?

The following are offenses for which an attorney writ bond may be filed:

1. Class A Misdemeanors
2. Class B Misdemeanors (DWI, Theft, Marijuana and Possession Offenses)

The following are offenses for which attorney writ bonds may not be filed:

1. Class C Misdemeanors
2. Traffic Tickets
3. Felony Cases

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