DWI Arrest: Quick Emergency Guide

We have contingency plans for a lot of things in life. We left a spare key with the neighbors, we know where to go in case of a tornado, and we have evacuation routes in public buildings. Here is a contingency plan you didn’t plan for. What to do when a friend or relative is arrested for DWI.

1. Calm down – nothing will be resolved through panic or frustration. Call this number if you are having difficulty processing this information: (214) 403-6522

2. Call the jail and check on the status of your friend or relative. Ask them politely to list all the charges they are being held for and whether bonds have been set. Here is a list of jail phone numbers in Collin County:

  • Allen City Jail: (214) 509-4200
  • Frisco City Jail: (972) 292-6001
  • Plano City Jail: (972) 424-5678
  • Richardson City Jail: (972) 744-4820
  • Sachse City Jail: (972) 495-2271
  • McKinney City Jail: (972) 547-5200
  • Collin County Jail: (972) 547-5200 (same location as McKinney Jail)

3. If a bond has not been set, you may call an attorney to file an attorney writ bond. This will allow a person to bond out of jail IMMEDIATELY without waiting for a judge or magistrate to set a bond, possibly days after the arrest. More information about attorney writ bonds HERE

4. Pay attention to details. During release, the jail staff should explain several important dates and locations. An attorney hired for a writ bond will be able to tell you these things should you forget, but the jail staff may not be as helpful down the road. Here are a couple of important details:

  • Formal county level book-in: if an individual bonds out without being transferred to the County Jail, he or she will have to appear at the Collin County Jail within 10 days to do a formal county-level book-in.
  • DWI bond conditions hearing: if a person bonds out with an attorney writ bond, they did not give a judge the opportunity to consider special conditions of bond. Collin County has a standing order that requires such individuals to appear on a specific date after their release for this purpose.

5. Arrange for pick-up of the arrested person. Most jails will not release an individual arrested for DWI unless a sober individual is there to take custody.

6. Locate the impounded vehicle. This information can be provided to you by the jail staff of the city in which your friend or relative was arrested. Refer to the phone numbers above.

7. Go home and get some sleep.

8. Arrange for a consultation with an attorney within the following days. There are certain deadlines that must be met in order to address license suspensions as well as the pending bond hearing date.

*Kyle Therrian is an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Texas. Nothing in this article is intended to be legal advice. For legal advice on any case you should contact an attorney directly.

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