Expect No Refusal Policy During Holidays

By Allen, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer Kyle T. Therrian
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Collin County is well-known for implementing “no refusal weekends” during the holidays. A no refusal policy refers to what happens when a person arrested for DWI refuses to submit to the taking of a breath or blood specimen. During a no refusal period, judges across the county make themselves available 24/7 to sign warrants for forcibly taking a person’s blood without consent. Police will request a warrant for every person who refuses to submit to a test.

If you think this is an extreme measure to solve a misdemeanor offense, you’re probably not the only one. As with any operation which gets busier around the holidays, officers tend to get hasty with some of their tasks. An attorney will have the opportunity to review the warrant and the evaluation of the blood specimen to determine whether proper procedures were followed. If done too hastily, the State could be prohibited from using the result.

*Kyle Therrian is an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Texas. Nothing in this article is intended to be legal advice. For legal advice on any case you should contact an attorney directly.

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