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By Allen, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer Kyle T. Therrian
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Collin County Jail Bond Desk (972) 547-5200 (touchpad 1-5-3)
Dallas County Jail Bond Desk (214) 653-2827 (214) 653-2828

One of the most flustering aspects of being called to the rescue of a recently arrested friend, relative or loved-one is the lack of instantly available information. Depending on the circumstances, usually the first thing you will need is information from the jail (i.e. charges and bond amount). This article provides a quick reference for “what to do” and “who to call” including local jail contact information if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of dealing with the arrest of a friend, relative or loved one.

What to do Depends on the Status of the Arrest or Investigation

Addressing the emergency requires gathering as much information as you can about the status of an arrest or investigation. Quite frequently, the next step involves calling an attorney who can counsel an individual in exercising their rights and possibly secure an immediate release. Below is a list of scenarios with corresponding “what to do” suggestions.

Under investigation by officer or detective

Call an attorney immediately. If you are the subject of the investigation, explicitly exercise your right to remain silent until you have spoken with an attorney. If a friend, relative or loved one is the subject of the investigation, and if you are able, communicate that they should do the same.

My 24-Hour Emergency Number is (214) 403-6522

Being transported to jail, currently

You will likely need an attorney if you are seeking an immediate jail release through an attorney writ bond. If you have the ability to communicate with the arrested person you should tell them to do any of the following that may apply: (1) in all cases, explicitly exercise the right to remain silent until an attorney can get involved, (2) do not consent to providing a breath, blood or urine sample, (3) do not consent to a search of your vehicle or any of your possessions, (4) do not try to talk your way out of an arrest.

My 24-Hour Emergency Number is (214) 403-6522

Recently arrested and no bond set

A person arrested for a new offense has the right to a setting of a bond. This is done through what is referred to as a “magistration” because it requires the involvement of a magistrate or judge. In most places in Texas recently arrested individuals may wait up to 72-hours for a magistration and setting of a bond. Luckily, in Collin and Dallas County, attorneys may file what is known as a writ bond to have a bond set without a magistrate and secure immediate jail release. Writ bond eligible offenses include any Class B or Class A Misdemeanor offenses which do not involve “Family Violence.”

My 24-Hour Emergency Number is (214) 403-6522

Recently arrested and bond set

If a bond has been set, there is no need for an attorney writ bond. Immediate jail release can be secured one of two ways: (1) posting of a cash bond, or (2) hiring a bail bondsman. The benefit to posting a cash bond is that most of the bond is reimbursed at the end of the case (assuming the arrested person makes all necessary court appearances). The benefit of a bondsman is that he or she will only charge you a percentage of the total bond amount. However, the money you pay a bondsman is not reimbursed.

If a bond has been set, there is no emergency need for an attorney. However, meeting with an attorney in the immediate future still remains important. Once things have normalized after being released, your friend, relative or loved one should set up a consultation with a criminal lawyer.

I’m not sure of the status

In this case, you should contact the jail or jails in which you believe your friend or relative could possibly be detained. Below are a list of phone numbers for local jails.

Dallas and Collin County Jail Contact Numbers

In Texas, a person arrested for a Class-B Misdemeanor will usually stay for a short period in the a city jail and ultimately be transported to the county jail where they are held until a bond is posted. Through the help of an attorney, a person can avoid this transport and bond out at the city jail through the process described above, known as a writ bond. Below are some helpful numbers to call to get more details on a recent arrest – surprisingly, they are not easy to come across on the internet.

Collin County Jail Bond Desk (972) 547-5200 (touchpad 1-5-3)

Dallas County Jail Bond Desk (214) 653-2827 (214) 653-2828

Allen City Jail (214) 509-4369
Allen jail will immediately transport arrestees to Collin County Jail unless they also have a Class C level charge.

Frisco City Jail (972) 292.6001

McKinney City Jail (972) 547-5200 (touchpad 1-5-3)
McKinney uses the Collin County Jail facility as their city jail–numbers are the same.

Plano City Jail (972) 424-5678 (touchpad 4-5)

Richardson Jail (972) 744-4820

Sachse City Jail (972) 495.2271

Wylie City Jail (972) 442-8170

*Kyle Therrian is an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Texas. Nothing in this article is intended to be legal advice. For legal advice on any case you should contact an attorney directly.

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